Nikon Nikkor Ai 135mm f3.5

The Ai 135/3.5 is an all new lens with updated optics, considerably smaller and lighter that the previous version. It focuses to 1.3m compared to 1.5m for the previous version, and features a built-in hood.

VersionSerial noDateScrewsEngravingNotes
Ai193501 < 193628 202984 >Mar77 - 5+LMIJEarly lenses engraved "LENS MADE IN JAPAN" in white on the the barrel above the chrome ring. Start serial no from F601 service manual.
Ai< 204031 296559 > - Sep815+MIJEngraved "MADE IN JAPAN" in black. From around 22xxxx aperture coupling prong made from pressed sheet metal.


  • Review by Ken Rockwell